How to Remove Venetian Blinds in Few Hours

You can easily use very easy tools to remove Venetian blinds from your windows or doors. However, it depends on the kind of brackets they make for your specific blinds. These brackets can be either standard or spring-loaded.

On the other hand, the type of brackets used on your blinds can not be accurate. Look at your blinds carefully if you are such a person. You look for standard brackets when you notice that the bracket used holds them up clip across the front of the blinks. If this is not the case, you positively load your brackets in the spring. 

Venetian blinds Dubai provides many esthetic and practical advantages, but the damage caused by animals or simple wear over the years can shabby and replace your blinds. Venetian blinds are as easy to install and only require a screwdriver and a few minutes to disassemble them and remove them completely.

How to Remove Vertical Blinds

Remove Venetian Blinds: Open and raise the blinds

Remove Venetian Blinds: Open the slats so that they sit horizontally and then draw your blinds up – they sit on top of the window securely. Make sure that any barriers that can be hit by the blind can be removed or damaged.

Boost the blind by raising the corded controller to its maximum height, then twist the cord to afoot. Loosen your grip somewhat to make sure that your blinds are locked.

Free one side of the blinds

On both sides of the blinds stand, consider the brackets. If you select one bracket, hold the blind’s underside firmly in one hand and push the blind against the other bracket. When you pressure the bracket, twist down to free the blinds.

Repeat on the other side and then take the blind off the window gently.

Examine the head rail.

Check the main structure of the head rail from which the blinds hang. Remove the panel to show the arms on either side of the head rail, if it has a detachable façe.

Check the brackets

Test the brackets to find out how they open. They can pop out, slide-out, or open on their hinges on their front faces. Use a flat-head screwdriver to open the front and pull the head rail away from the window. Put out the blinds and head rail.

Check the screw positions 

Locate the screws holding the brackets in place. If the blinds hung inside the recess of the window, the screws might be either on the inner side or rear of the bracket. End brackets mounted to the wall will have screws at the back. Unscrew and remove each screw until the bracket falls away.

Remove the center support bracket 

Remove venetian Blinds: Remove the center support bracket, if there is one, by unscrewing the screws that attach it to the wall or window frame.

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