How to Remove Vertical Blinds?

How to remove vertical blinds: These blinds are an optional treatment for windows whose width is larger than the overall window height. Blinds shop in Dubai offer privacy and light control blinds and these blinds can even absorb sounds.

Vertical blinds do not install into a piece like the horizontal blinds, so when you remove them from your windows, it makes sense to reverse the installation process.

Reverse the installing process makes it somewhat less difficult to take down than to uninstall both devices.

The give vertical blinds are a simple job once you break down the process step by step. Before the entire structure can dismantle, every single vane in the set must remove. When taking down blinds, you should be careful to avoid damaging them and the wall on which they attached.

How to Remove Venetian Blinds in Few Hours

Affective ways to remove vertical blinds

· Take away the valance to reveal the top line.

Most of the vertical blinds have a valance, the decorative edge that covers the rail at the top of the vanes. Hold the valance’s bottom and move it up gently to form a small gap between the vane and the clips that hold each valve. Continue to gently push the valance until the clips are no longer touching.

How to Roll Up Blinds?

Ø Vane carriers are also called clips that hold each vane.

Ø Make sure that the valance gently removed or that the clips break out.

· Turn the blinds to be partially ope

· Place the van at the top of the valve.

Each vane mounted with a vane carrier on several vertical blinds. At the top of the van, find the vane carrier. The face-out side of the vane carrier is crochet-like so that you can easily open it.

· Slide between the valve carrier and the vane with a plastic card.

Put a flat, robust card beneath the hook underneath the valve carrier. Glide the card up to move it from the valve to the carrier. That disrupts the tension in the valve and prevents you from pulling off the thin plastic on the rim.

A perfect method for wedging between the valve and the carrier is the credit card.

· Remove the valve gently from the valve.

When the card wedged, pull down the valve and the carrier. To prevent damage to the vane, do it slowly. Remove the card as soon as the valve is clear of the carrier.

Ø Do not remove from blind rail carriers holding valves.

Ø Make sure the valve is placed in a clean, smooth place to keep it well.


• You can stop removing blinds to clean them by dusting your vertical blinds and washing them down with soapy water once a week

• Instead of removing them if you do not like the look, consider covering vertical blinds.

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