How to Clean Roller Blinds? – 7 Easy Step of 2020

The roller blinds Dubai is versatile and stylish window decorations, which is why we often asked about how to clean roller blinds with 7 easy steps. It is essential to clean and properly maintain your blinds.

Roller blinds collect waste and dirt, on the exterior walls; dust from all over the place. Fortunately, it is usually relatively simple to clean roller blinds. Roller blinds offers secure, elegant windows that fit almost all decorations. The methods of purification depend on the material from which the roller blinds are made.

Follow the simple cleaning procedures below if the material can be submerged in water. The only perfect cleaning method is to clean the spot if it is made of a substance that cannot fill with water.

The process of cleaning Roller blinds

The Roller Blinds cleaning will depend on how much time and how dirty you have your blinds. if you never cleaned your blinds before and have had them for years, we suggest you clean them. Please be very careful when doing this, as you would not want to loosen the fit from the wall.

If you’re new to your blinds, but visible dirt spots are in place, the cleaning of the spot is the way to go. We suggest you use one tablespoon of baking powder in warm water, this remedy may remove the hard stains.

Use a towel or an old toothbrush and brush to clean the blinds effectively.

Top Tip: only add bleach on white blinds, you don’t want to discolor your ideal blinds!

Things that you will need while cleaning your blinds:

– Bath

– Bleach (optional)

– Drying rack or washing line

– Gloves

– Mild laundry detergent

– Sponge or cloth

– Toothbrush

– Vacuum with small brush attachments

– Warm water

Simple and easy Steps to clean roller blinds

· Step 1:

Please take out the blinds and stretch them on the floor flat.

· Step 2:

Use a brush tool to vacuum your blinds on both sides. This collects dust and cobwebs, which can be difficult to remove once they immersed in water.

· Step3:

Fill the bath with warm water halfway, adding 2-3 tablespoons of washing detergent. Remove the water and prepare your blinds for a right mix of soapy. (You should add one tablespoon of bleach for white blinds to achieve clean finish)

· Step 4:

In the water, put the blinds and allow them to soak for up to an hour. The grime should lose in this time to make the removal easier.

· Step 5:

Wipe the remaining dirt away with the soft side of a sponge. Once your blinds have satisfied, drain the water completely, and rinse any residue with clean water.

(Then use an old toothbrush and gently smear when you stuck in the stubborn stain)

· Step 6:

Hang up on a washing line and wait for the whole thing to dry.

· Step 7:

Spring back on your blinds, and they ought to be as beautiful as newness!

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